About Us

Scuba Nation

Founded by Billy Catoggio, ScubaNation is an Emmy Award Winning TV show dedicated to the exploration of our underwater world. Focusing on conservation and dedicated to the preservation of our oceans of life.

Founded in 2008, ScubaNation is one of the only shows on TV that is solely dedicated to recreational scuba diving. Our particular style is “Jacques Cousteau on Rock-N-Roll”; fast paced, entertaining and educational. Our goal is to highlight the sport we love in a positive light that makes our audience passionate about scuba diving. If we can get as many people in the water scuba diving then we are doing our job!

Our sole purpose as a TV show is to INSPIRE people to go scuba diving and educate them on our oceans, and bring awareness to the conservation of our oceans. This is all about energy and excitement for our sport. If ScubaNation can duplicate some of the same energy that snowboarding brought to the skiing industry then we will all benefit.

I want people that watch our show say “Hey, I want to do that”. Our main point of emphasis is to make scuba diving accessible to everyone; people who are not currently certified, people who are certified, people that have not been scuba diving in years, friends, family…. Everyone! One Nation, Underwater.

Scuba Nation